Monday 1 December 2014

Two Betaville scoops confirmed on one Winter's morning

Here is something to cheer you up on a cold, grey Monday morning - a couple of my Betaville """"""exclusive""""" jackanories have just been confirmed.  

Kier Group said in a statement this morning via the UK regulatory news service that:

"In view of recent press speculation, Kier Group plc ("Kier") confirms that it has held preliminary discussions regarding a potential acquisition of Mouchel.
There can be no certainty that an acquisition of Mouchel will be completed."
The statement comes after I revealed on Tip TV on Friday and Betaville on Saturday that Kier was looking quite seriously at buying Mouchel for about £400 million. 

Also, some loyal readers may have noticed that German property company Deutsche Annington has announced it plans to buy rival Gagfah for almost 4 billion.

But for readers that don't recall, back in May I said that there was something was afoot with Gagfah and that Deutsche Annington had been taking a look at the business.

Here are links to those articles: 

I took a bit of stick - you know who are you are - when Fortress placed some of its stake in Gagfah in the market after the publication of my articles. 

However, I think I have been vindicated for talking/publishing about Deutshce Annington's interest in Gagfah by today's news.


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