Monday 14 July 2014

Land Registry privatisation plans go up in smoke

My "exclusive" story on the cancellation of the Land Registry privatisation is about to be confirmed, according to newspaper reports.

Readers might remember that the Mail on Sunday's business section splashed on my Land Registry tale just over a couple of weeks ago. Here is a link to the piece:

And late last week The Guardian reported a similar tale, claiming ministers will tell parliament this week that the planned privatisation of the Land Registry has been "suspended indefinitely". Here is a link to The Guardian story:

UPDATE: The Financial Times, widely considered to be a newspaper of record, is now reporting that ministers will inform parliament this afternoon that the Land Registry privatisation has been put on "hold". Here is a link to the Financial Times article:

Finally, here is a link to an updated article from the Financial Times containing an on-the-record confirmation from Michael Fallon, business minister:

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