Wednesday 10 December 2014

Former Tesco executive leaves Sun European - where to next?

Much of today's coverage in the British newspaper business sections is focused on Tesco's terrible problems so I thought would post a piece linked to the retailer even if that connection is pretty tenuous.

I hear from good sources Tim Mason, the former head of Tesco's Fresh & Easy division in the US, has effectively left private equity firm Sun European Partners, which specialises in buying struggling retailers.

Sun European - which owns Jacques Vert, ScS and still has a stake in Bonmache - declined to comment but people familiar with the matter said Mr Mason remains an employee of the firm for the next six months. Mr Mason couldn't be reached for comment.

Mr Mason's departure from Sun European comes after he joined the firm as operating managing director early last year to great fanfare. Here is a link to the Financial Times piece on the topic:

What caused Mr Mason's sudden departure is beyond me but some of my sources tell me he is line for another big "PLC" job.

I have no idea which public company he may be about to join but I can't imagine it will be Tesco!