Thursday 8 January 2015

The rottweiler, the insurance business and Tip TV

Does Martin Hughes watch Tip TV?

The reason I ask is that Toscafund, Mr Hughes's investment firm, yesterday declared to the market it had bought a 5.4pc stake in beleaguered insurance claims processor Quindell. Here is a good Financial Times piece on the topic:

But it was only a few weeks that I was on Tip TV, telling viewers how some of my sources believe Quindell had turned a corner and its prospects were looking better following the departure of its chief executive, Rob Terry, and his share sale.

Here is a link to that Tip TV clip: Since that show, Quindell shares have risen from 41p to almost 80p.

Still, there are still quite a few cynics out there, including Bryce Elder, one of the best stock market reporters operating in the City of London. Here is a link to yesterday's markets live show: and today's show:

Anyway, I am supposed to be heading back into Tip TV tomorrow, potentially with another juicy nugget on this situation, so keep on eye on the blog for the latest clip (or you can tune into Tip TV directly).

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