Wednesday 18 February 2015

Happy birthday Betaville

It's been just over a year since I kicked off Betaville, a cheeky blog that likes to break serious business stories, dig up stock market gossip and crack a few jokes, too.

Now, I could talk about a whole bunch of brilliant things Betaville has done over the last twelve months but instead I will provide a link to a self-congratulatory piece I did over the New Year. Here is a link:

In terms of blowing my own trumpet, all I will do is just point out that since the middle February of 2014 Betaville has generated over 500,000 page views. And in the last couple of days, page impressions have gone berserk, with around 100,000 views generated on Tuesday alone.

Running Betaville has been brilliant fun. Many thanks to all those loyal sources and readers who helped me land those agenda-setting scoops.

Hopefully, it will be more of the same over the next twelve months...

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