Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday newspaper review

The Sunday Times is packed full of juicy deal stories thanks to upcoming star M&A reporter Daniel Dunkley.

Dan - who I have worked with while freelancing at Dow Jones/Private Equity News/Financial News a couple of years ago - reveals on the front page of The Sunday Times business section that online gaming company 888 Holdings has tabled a £1 billion counter bid for Bwin. Party Digital Entertainment. Here is a link to Dan's piece:

I'm supposed to be going on Tip TV tomorrow so I will try to provide readers/viewers with my own insight into what is happening with the Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment auction situation.

Dan also has story on the front page about the possibility of European and American giants Schneider and Emerson weighing takeover bids for London-listed Aveva, the engineering software developer. Here is a link to that piece:

Some readers are likely to be aware that Aveva has been subject bid rumours for the last few weeks, with a mystery private equity firm touted as the most likely acquirer.

I had been told by one source Bain Capital, the US buy-out firm founded by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was one of private equity houses that had been looking at Aveva but to this date I haven't managed to find another source to back this rumour up.

Elsewhere, Neil Craven over The Mail on Sunday published an interesting piece on Christo Wiese, the South African billionaire who last week bought New Look.

Here is a link to Neil's article:

According to Neil's article, it would appear Mr Wiese is still interested in doing further deals in the UK retail sector despite having just spent the best part of £2 billion on New Look.  

mmmm...I wonder what Mr Wiese's next deal might be?


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