Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pizza deals

Tucked away in the back of the The Times business section yesterday was a nib (journalistic parlance for a smaller filler piece in the sidebar) that piqued my interest - apparently Soho House Group has sold a 50pc stake in the London-based Pizza East chain to a mystery unnamed investor.

Now, some readers might be scratching their heads, wondering why I care about such a small, private deal.

Well, Pizza East - which is more of an all day New York-style brasserie than a simple Pizza outlet - is in fact where many of little old Betaville's best articles have been put together.

Yes, one of the Pizza East sites is almost like a second office (the first being my living room) for little old Betaville because I can get a jolly nice cappuccino for £1.88 (special rates for locals) and read all the newspapers for free (as a poor freelance hack this is quite a big saving as purchasing them all costs about £7.00).

So, if anybody knows who the mystery investor is behind the the recent Pizza East deal, do get in touch via the usual channels...


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