Friday 16 October 2015

First Vinci, then Hochtief - what next for the Qataris? - part 2

Kleinman has just unearthed an interesting tale about China Media Capital pursuing an $8.5 billion takeover of Formula One from CVC Capital Partners.

Here is a link to his jackanory:

According to the ever persistent Sky News City Editor, China Media Capital are backing the American sports tycoon Stephen Ross, who owns the Miami Dolphins, in bid to buy Formula One.    
But hang on - wasn't Stephen Ross working with the Qataris on his tilt at Formula One? 

I mean, I'm sure the venerable Financial Times reported the other day that Ross, the Qataris and CVC Capital Partners had all shaken hands on a deal. Here is a link to the FT piece: 

I wonder why the Qataris suddenly dropped out of this deal?

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