Thursday, 31 December 2015

Geoff Foster goes big!

I see Geoff Foster has gone big on New Year's eve.

The veteran market reporter at The Daily Mail reveals in his final column of the year that Vodafone and US cable giant Liberty Global are likely to pursue a £140 billion merger in 2016 after talks were rekindled in the last few weeks.

To be clear, I'm none the wiser as to whether he is on the money with that one.

Geoff also picks up on the bid rumours - which have been going around for the last week or so - about Pacific Bioscience.

I think I mentioned a couple of months ago there may be something afoot with Pacific Bioscience on Tip TV but on this occasion I cannot corroborate Geoff's tale.

Here is a link Geoff's market report if you missed it earlier today:

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