Thursday, 6 March 2014

Aviva and its chief bottle washer

Mark Wilson appears to be doing a good job with the turnaround of Aviva. 

At his first set of annual results, Mr Wilson this morning reported full-year profits of £2.2bn after tax in 2013 compared to a £2.9bn loss the previous year.

Mr Wilson also said the turnaround at the FTSE 100 insurer is 'intensifying'.

That is all well and good but perhaps journalists and analysts might be able to ask Mr Wilson today why the company employs a "chief bottle washer" in its UK division.

According to Linked In member Freddy F, he is the chief bottle washer at Aviva UK. Here is the link to his Linked In profile:

If Mr Wilson confirms Aviva does employ a chief bottle washer, perhaps he could also explain the nature of the role at the life assurer?

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