Tuesday 17 March 2015


The Times business section had a cracking front page today, with Gideon Spanier landing a juicy scoop about how The Mirror Group, publisher of The Daily Mirror, is trying to buy The Daily Express and The Daily Star from Richard Desmond.

Here is a link to Trinity Mirror's confirmation to The Times piece: http://www.investegate.co.uk/trinity-mirror-plc--tni-/rns/response-to-media-speculation/201503170927496347H/

Gideon's article sat alongside another acerbic but witty column from Alistair Osborne, a former colleague from my time at The Daily Telegraph. 

Alistair really does know how to pack a witty punch and I often laugh out loud when I read his column. It's just a shame his picture by-line doesn't include his newly grown beard as it rather suits him.

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