Thursday 5 March 2015

Who's the mug, now

Ben Wright, one of the senior Telegraph business bods, has written a rather insightful and amusing comment piece on dealmaking entitled "when it comes to picking prices for buying and selling, we're all mugs". Here is the link:

I briefly got to work for Ben (there are few too many Bens in financial journalism) while freelancing at Dow Jones a couple of years ago. Back then, he was editor of Financial News (a Dow Jones publication) and when I came up with the story about the Kuwaitis teaming up with Canada's Borealis to launch a £5 billion takeover bid for Severn Trent, he decided to run it on the Financial News/Private Equity News websites. The following morning, Severn Trent was then forced to confirm our story.

Anyway, Ben's piece in today's The Daily Telegraph about the lack of UK M&A is spot on. The only thing is, is it left me with the  feeling that, well, perhaps I'm the mug for having pursued a career in M&A journalism...

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  1. Don't worry Ben you are doing a great job and I love your blog.