Thursday 9 October 2014

Sir Paul Judge: "curious conversations"

Interesting piece in the Financial Times today on the ongoing dust up between Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation and Sir Paul Judge, the company's former non-executive director and City grandee. 

For readers that don't recall, ENRC is suing Sir Paul for allegedly leaking stories to the media when he was a £125,000 a year non-executive director. 

ENRC launched its case in summer last year but Sir Paul denied he had ever done any leaking and filed a counter claim for libel. 

Then the company produced transcripts of conversations between Sir Paul and a journalist and he changed his mind, admitting that he had held conversations with a hack but that he had known he was being set up and only leaked the information to catch out the scribbler in a sort of double bluff.

According to the Financial Times, Sir Paul's legal team presented legal arguments to Mrs Justice Swift on Tuesday in his attempt to get the case struck out.

However, Tuesday's hearing was adjourned pending judgement but not before, according to one of my courtroom moles, Mrs Swift noted that: "those are pretty curious conversations, aren't they?"

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