Wednesday 8 October 2014

Village gossip - has Bootle called off £100m sale of Capital Economics?

What has happened to strategic review of Capital Economics, the economics consultancy founded by well-known economist and Daily Telegraph commentator Roger Bootle?

Readers might recall that in June 2013 I broke the story while working at Financial News that Capital Economics had hired advisers from Quayle Munro to work on a strategic review (banker parlance for a sale).

Here is a link to my original article:

Since then, there has been little news regarding the outcome of the strategic review. So, I put some calls in to see what has happened and I was told by good sources that the process had been quietly shelved.

However, when I asked sources involved in the strategic review whether the sale had been abandoned I was told my story was "not correct" although an explanation as to why that was the case was not forthcoming. I also put calls in to Mr Bootle himself but they were not returned.

One to keep an eye on...

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