Monday 6 October 2014

Pizzas and burgers

Old Russell Chambers got a mention in Dominic Walsh's diary column in The Times last Friday.

For readers that don't know, Russell is a Credit Suisse banker who became well-known for lending the former PM, Tony Blair, a pair of swim shorts during a holiday on the financier's boat in Barbados. Chambers was subsequently dubbed "Tony Blair's favourite banker".

But Russell is not just mates with Tony Blair. He is also friends with all sorts of high rollers, including Sir Charles Dunstone, and has a stake in the UK franchise of the new burger bar "Five Guys" alongside the founder of Carphone Warehouse.

The thing is I sometimes see Russell in the Pizza East - the upmarket brasserie backed by Soho House - on the Portobello Road/Goldborne Road in West London, near where David Cameron, the current PM, used to live in North Kensington. I'm pretty sure, though, he doesn't recognise me.

Still, it begs the question: what do you prefer Russell, pizzas or burgers?

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