Monday 20 October 2014

The missing skyscraper story rumbles on...

Ping - an email arrives from a new reader.

It contains a picture of chap called Mr Seamas Daly, an Irish businessman who founded a printing company called Photo Images Ltd. He is picketing outside a law firm based in Dublin, Ireland.

Mr Daly, I am told, is in the middle of a dispute over money with the mysterious Irish property developer Tom Ryan.

For readers that don't recall, Mr Ryan was behind last year's plans to develop Hertsmere House in Canary Wharf into one of Europe's largest residential skyscrapers.

Here is a link to a Financial Times piece about Mr Ryan's plans:

However, after much fanfare the plans were abandoned and the was site sold to China's Greenland Group in March this year.

Still, lenders to Mr Ryan's proposed scheme and his bankers at Credit Suisse have been chasing them down ever since...    

A spokesperson for Mr Ryan's company Ryan Corporation declined to comment.

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